Shoot Your Way to the Top

Carlos and Monique Flores have put together a documentary that will inspire those interested and passionate about telling stories. I highly recommend supporting their venture on Kickstarter as it is a wonderful opportunity for you and others to grow from their experience!

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A Little Photo Editing

FitzMartin, a remarkable marketing firm located in Birmingham, Alabama, was working on a motorcycle project and needed some assistance touching up some shots of the bikes. They reached out to me about polishing up some of the chrome, doing some color correction, and putting them on a clean background. Here is an example of one of the bike images I worked on. Thank you, to the creative staff at FitzMartin, for letting me be a part of this project.


Bot & Dolly’s Box

Bot & Dolly recently released Box, a short film that has taken projection mapping to another level. Focusing on five principles of magic, Bot & Dolly have pushed the illusion of 3-dimensional art and motion beyond the static surface by creating stunning visual elements that altered the audience’s perception of space with the aid of robotic technology.

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BotDolly_researchOne other bit of information I found interesting about this project was its behind the scenes video and documentation. Not only did it provide interesting insight into the project’s creation, it showed a little snippet of research that aided in the conception of the work (check out The Creators Project and Bradley G Munkowitz pages). Looking at the collage of images they exhibited, I noticed one of them was Synthetic Unity, a collaborative project I had done a few years back! Very cool to see that the project may offer some creative thought to others.

3D Just Got Interesting

3D modeling just got interesting and, dare I say, easier? New software now allows you to create 3D models from an image. This made me wonder, how can this technology change the motion graphics and visual effects industry? I think it is evident that more development is necessary for it to make its way in ton those arenas. But the possibilities it yields are endless. Definitely something to keep an eye on.

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Some industry leaders in interaction design and user experience participated in a documentary about the future of interaction design and its influence on both the digital and physical world. It’s a very interesting video I highly recommend watching.

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Baarregaard & Briem – “Love With You”

This music video directed by Harald Haraldsson is absolutely superb! Projecting onto empty bookcases to create fractured/segmented images is amazing. And then there is the rgb (or really just red and blue) separation and time delay of the video that made for some beautifully, stunning visuals. Great video…and song!

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The Art of Creative Coding

The folks at PBS have put together a wonderful introduction about creative coding. If this is something you would like to learn more about I highly recommend taking a look at this video and examining the potential programming has within the art community…and beyond.

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Automatic Projection Mapping

WOW. This is spectacular. You have to check out what the company, White Kanga, has created. Using TouchDesigner and a few of their own solutions, they have created a program that can map a 3D surface and project on it while it is rotating! Simply amazing. To check out some of their other documentation check them out on Vimeo.

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Prom 2012

We (the graduate students) felt we were a little disconnected from the undergraduates with our studios and gallery off campus. So as a way to connect with them we hosted a prom in our gallery. I built a stage for the event which I then projected and vj’d live visuals onto. The night was a blast with everyone enjoying themselves.

2012prom-1 2012prom-2 2012prom-3

The Third & the Seventh… Stunning

I have always been a fan of music, film and special effects. It’s a different part of design that I have always wanted to experiment with. As I was looking at different sites, companies, and software packages, a piece of work was brought to my attention I would never have expected. A piece that is understated when you think of film and CG. Some might even look at it and think, “So what? There’s not much to it.” But I think there is much to see. The use of simple form, space and time has created a beautiful and elegant motion of architecture and design that often times goes unnoticed by the untrained eye. Displaying the different tools of his trade, the director gives us insight into the kind of time and effort it takes to create, what I view, as art in motion. As a designer the only thing I see that I would work on is the type choice. But from a novice who enjoys CG and simplicity, I must say well done.

(And since it’s a little hard to tell, I’ll tell you… this person created everything in CG!)

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OK GO’s “This Too Shall Pass” Video

OK GO has amazed us once again. What began as a simple sketch dreamed up by the band is now a sophisticated, albeit complicated, arrangement of different knickknacks. Once put in motion it becomes simply a work of art. You could even say stroke of genius. So a quick shout-out to Rube Goldberg and the “geeks” and engineers of Mindshare and Syyn Labs for providing us with this creative masterpiece. I wonder if I could do something with Lincoln Logs…

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(500) Days of Summer

(500) Days of Summer is a romantic comedy about a young man who falls in love with a woman. Only this woman does not believe in love. Fluctuating from the present to the past, we see their relationship unfold, and unravel, from the young man’s point of view. I don’t want to spoil it for those of you who want to see this movie, so I’ll just say I definitely think it is something you should consider seeing. The soundtrack is phenomenal and the Juno-like graphics are excellent as well. Sketching and fine art is finding its way back to the forefront of design and working in conjunction with computer generated design. It’s a beautiful thing.

I can’t say enough great things about this movie. Funny, entertaining, emotional, a must see in my opinion.

Childhood Memory Relived

When I was a little boy my mother took me with her to one of her friend’s house. She had a daughter about my age and both our parents thought we would play well together. We arrived and our mothers greeted each other with their pleasantries and the girl dragged me off to another room to play. I am a timid person, or at least I was before now and I was back then. The little girl looked at me and said, “Let’s play doctor.” Okay I thought. Whatever. Now in her playhouse she hands me the plastic briefcase of medical instruments. I lean down to open the box on the floor, grab the stethoscope, and stand up to begin my examination. When I turn to her I find her completely naked for this pretend event. And being young and not knowing any better said, “Okay.” Our parents came in a short time later. The look of shock on their faces. My mother looked at me and I knew playtime was over. She told the story later on in my high school years. Everyone finding it funny. Me thinking it was cruel (how is a guy going to get dates when his mother is telling his girl friends this story and showing them embarrassing childhood pictures?).

Well, surprisingly this story has become real life again. Not with me. But with a friend of mine’s four year old son and one of his girl friends. Sitting there in a room next to where the kids were playing I hear the little girl say those exact same words. Memories come flooding back to me of that moment. I turn to my friend and tell her she might want to check on the kids. They are about to play “doctor.” She says they’ll be fine. They won’t do anything. I know better. I walk back to the room, and with no surprise, find the girl in only her underwear and my friend’s son looking at her. I immediately call out to the mother to come handle this. The whole time acting like a kid myself telling her, “I told you so. I told you so.”

Funny how life brings back certain memories.

Hood to Coast

At least I hope I make it to the coast. I received my leg assignments from our team leader yesterday. And for me, with the way I’ve been training, all I can say is, “Whoa!!”

The first leg for me is leg 6. It’s 7.42 miles and hard. There are challenging uphills and gradual downhills along a paved shoulder. The elevation starts out at 1300 feet and ends at 800 feet. The leg is done. On to the next.

Leg 18 is 4.15 miles and is also rated hard. This leg is considered a short leg over gradual uphill terrain on paved backcountry roads. The elevations starts out at about 50 feet and ends at a little less than 300 feet. On to the final leg.

The last leg of this race for me is leg 30. It is a 5.35 mile moderate run. There are gradual uphill and steep downhill on winding narrow back road with minimum shoulders. Elevation change here goes from 800 feet down to 300 feet.

I hope my knees keep with me through this!

The Creative Process

Where does the creative process begin? You could argue that the creative process begins with the decision to become a designer. From that moment on, everything you see and do feeds your visual intelligence, and contributes to the making of a designer. It’s one of the best things about being a designer: seeing design everywhere, and taking inspiration from anything. You can’t turn off the fact that you’re a designer: you will always be tuned in and receiving. Or at least you should be.

Very true.

The Final Leg

8:00 am. On the road again. Destination Las Vegas. Have to get there today. Through the rest of Texas. Then New Mexico. Arizona. Nevada. Not much to see on the last leg through Texas and New Mexico. Albuquerque seems cool. Road construction all over the place. Progress slow. Credit card declined in New Mexico and Arizona. Called the credit card for a third time to tell them I’m traveling and to quit declining my card. Think they got the picture when I said I wanted to file a complaint. I have to mail a letter. Will forget to do that. Flagstaff…beautiful. Landscape is becoming red and rocky now. Must be nearing Nevada. Must cross the Hoover Dam to get to Las Vegas. Security check. They looked at me. That was it? Lake Mead looks low. Really low actually. Thankfully there is not much foot traffic. It is close to 6 pacific time. That explains it. Weave through I-215 traffic. Home.

The Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo
Too little advertising? This was all for one place in the middle of nowhere.
I think there's a cave over there.
Lake Mead is looking kinda low.

Amarillo, TX

12 hours of driving. 725 Miles. Turns out I could have left yesterday anyways. There was bad weather across the entire state of Arkansas. Check engine light came on just past Little Rock. Forget it. It’s gotta be a false reading. I just dropped $800 bills on this car. Pressing on. Past Fort Smith, AR. Through Oklahoma City. Looks like a really cool city. No time to stop. Into Texas. Where did everything go? Ahh, Amarillo. Hotels are expensive. Found a place with rooms for $50 a night. “To the left at the very back.” They said. As I pulled back there I was talking to my aunt. Looking at the building, I could tell it was noticably different from the front of the hotel. Something out of 1960s horror movie. I told my aunt to be prepared to call 911. Walking into the room…I froze. Looking around. Words cannot describe. I got back in my car and went back to the front desk. My aunt laughing as I ask for an upgrade. I keep repeating, “It’s not funny. Seriously, it’s not funny.” She keeps laughing. They give me a room with a king size bed and a lounge room connected. There’s a whole other entrance on the other side of the room. First order of business–secure the room. Doors locked. Bathroom light left on. I’m prepared to make a fast getaway if Jason comes barreling through one of those doors. I fall asleep as quick as I can. Ready for morning to come.

Going the distance.
Oklahoma City. Hard to take pictures while driving. Stupid too!
Wind farms everywhere. Sweet.